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Day 1/2

I will try to update this as much as possible but likely wont be every day. The first two days have been focused on eating up kilometers to get to Krabi to pick up my cousin Margo. I believe there was more action in Singapore for the 2 days the car was there.

The Rover wouldnt start for 5 hours...then a parking garage lied about their height and we smashed into a concrete beam if you will and tore up the tent including the cover. Half of monday was spent fixing that, such fun.

Made it to Penang last night around midnight...bit longer than I thought. Malaysian roads are fantastic though, I'm pretty sure I will be missing them once we reach Pakistan...I did manage to get a get picked up on a speeding camera (good luck sending that to Yuba Dirt) even though its a chore to get the rover over 110kph. Sneaky Malaysians put it on a down hill slope...

Picked up Margo in Krabi a few hours ago and headed to Surat Thani. Couldnt fine a hotel so picked the first one we passed. Im now sitting in the karaoke bar and im pretty sure a lady boy will get on stage in the next 15min. Likely not sticking around to see if my prediction comes to fruition. Tomorrow will be Bkk so will get my fill there I would assume.

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