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Take a Left from Myanmar and hello Nepal

Aug 10th Nepal

While the chariot is stuck, we’ve flown to Nepal and jumped on a motorcycle. Drove to a town called Bandipur, and if you are ever in Nepal you are going to want to give it a day or two. It is a brilliant little village half way to Pokhara. Because we are close to India, I think the drivers here feel they can drive around like the devil himself is chasing them. Inhaling exhaust fumes and dust has given me massive headaches, but it’s the feeling of passing drivers that remind me of kids behind the wheel of hotwheels that freaks me out. I rather enjoy the lawlessness of South East Asia driving but they have taken a real left turn here. It actually got to the point to where I came up with the idea of getting a handful of apples for my lady compadre on the back of the bike with a Sandy Koufax arm to start tossing heaters at every ding dong that nearly ran us off the road. This wouldn’t work though cause we would need too many apples and we have only found pineapples so far, and those are prickly. India (if I ever make it) will be much worse. Maybe its better in a Defender….The next few roads should have less traffic, so lets hope they pull their heads out…We got our first glimpse of the Himalayas the other day and they are spectacular. Pushing for the weather to clear so we can get some more of that. Pissing with rain at the moment so lets get that cleared up so we can see some snow capped mountains.

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