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Thai-Cambodia Border

We crossed into Cambodia from Thailand last night around 8pm. Exiting Thailand was smooth besides them not wanting to stamp my Carnet, which was a fight I couldn’t win. Then getting into Cambodia started off simple enough until we tried to get the car cleared by customs. They took my back to some old warehouse where the power had been cut for some reason. I waited for the proper authorities and once they arrived they informed me that only motorbikes could enter Cambodia and if you wanted to enter via a vehicle you need a letter from the Gov in Phnom Penh (which is BS). I told him I had checked with Phnom Penh and it wasn’t necessary (also BS of course). After 20min of arguing another older gentleman took me back into the warehouse, which still had no light. We walked through a maze of hallways and into an office where he used his 1997 Nokia as a torch and then played 20 questions. While in the room I couldn’t tell how big it was and if anyone else was in there, the room had a feeling like someone was hiding in the corner waiting to be deployed into action by immigration officer saying the word. Was pretty sure we weren’t getting into Cambodia at this point but just kept saying “its ok” and after 15min maybe he just got bored and said ok and stamped me though. There was likely some sort of payment they were looking for but ended up penniless.

Think I will stop crossing boarders at night. Why make it creepier than it needs to be. Lesson learned. In Siem Reap now and all is well. Lets go check out some temples.

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