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The Run Around

Tough one yesterday. Day started off with the bike rolling over while getting water and breaking the clutch and mirror. That little stunt delayed me for a few hours. Then I thought I had found a way around the possible closed area near Nam Gnome only to find the road ends into a lake…There was one tiny boat to get people across but no dice on the bike. Backtracked a few hours to Nam Gnome and “possibly closed” means definitely closed. There is some sort of military area out there and no chance of getting around. Tried a few different ways to convince the lady guard but flirting wont get you into Laos military areas…By the time I got back to Vang Vieng I had been on the bike for 6hrs so enjoyed Vang Vieng for one more night. Even went for a massage and it ended up being a ladyboy with rough hands...tough day. Will take the paved road today to the plain of jars…

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